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HCAR River Clean Up in Todd

Several members of the High Country Association of Realtors®, and some of its affiliates, recently participated in a River Clean Up in Todd. The event was organized by the High Country Association of Realtors® and RiverGirl Fishing Company. It was held Tuesday, Aug. 1. The trailer load represented all of the materials removed from local waters.


“The things a Realtor brings to the table ….”

It’s a smart move to work with a Realtor®, as evidenced by this new video from the North Carolina Association of Realtors® emphasizing the difference a real estate professional can make when purchasing a new property. The video opens in the High Country, as two of our local Realtors® describe a great success story in Blowing Rock.

“Using a Realtor is a smart move.”


Local Realtors support Habitat for Humanity

Check presentation to Habitat for Humanity
(from left) Incoming High Country Association of Realtors® president Pam Vines, former HCAR president Sam Taylor and HCAR Executive Officer Laurie A. Phillips present a $4,000 check to Watauga Country Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Alex Hooker.

Local Realtors® recently continued their tradition of support for the community by presenting a $4,000 check to Watauga County Habitat for Humanity.

Half of the donation was directly from the High Country Association of Realtors® (HCAR), which represents Realtors in Ashe, Avery and Watauga counties. The other originated from Homes4NC, a housing foundation created by the North Carolina Association of Realtors® (NCAR).

The check was presented by HCAR Executive Officer Laurie Phillips, incoming HCAR president Pam Vines and current HCAR President Sam Taylor. Alex Hooker Executive Director for the Watauga Country Habitat for Humanity received the check at the December general meeting of the Realtor association.

“Many people in the community are not aware of the fact that Realtors® don’t just sell houses,” said Phillips. “We are an integral part of the community with over 500 members in the three-county area. Each year we work to give back by donating our time and money to help make the American dream of owning a home achievable.”

HCAR is composed of Realtors® from the surrounding area who maintain a marketplace where buyers and sellers can safely transfer property under the guidance of a professional held to standards of excellence. It also seeks to support and grow various non-profits and community organizations.

Homes4NC provides grants to housing organizations that assist first-time homebuyers, the homeless, families in crisis, victims of natural disasters and more community projects. It is led by a volunteer board of directors made up of Realtors®, NCAR members, local executives and representatives from other housing-related organizations.


NEIGHBORS: He’ll gladly be caught flat footed

The High Country is well known for its original music. But there’s also plenty of dance. Our State magazine recently profiled one practitioner of a mountain style. Robert Dotson lives in Sugar Grove, about 20 minutes outside Boone. He’s an avowed flatfooter. The 88-year-old loves the dance so much, he makes sure he’s always prepared to kick down his heels.

Flat foot dancerRobert Dotson carries a dance floor with him wherever he goes. It’s a small one, but it allows Dotson to view the entire world as a stage. Dotson, a premier practitioner of Appalachian flatfoot dancing, has shared his talents up and down the East Coast — in New York City, where students told him he talked too slow, and in Mississippi, where they thought he talked a little too fast — but he always returns to the mountain community where he grew up. Here, his neighbors agree that his speech, and his feet, communicate at just the right speed.


The things that the tourists enjoy are the same things the locals enjoy

Boone GreenwayExplore Watauga County, the heart of the High Country. It’s home to a regional medical center, state university, ski resort, theme park, state-of-the-art high school, several recreational park areas and picturesque mountain views, just to name a few amenities.

The benefits of calling the Boone area home is outlined in a new video, which features interviews with business leaders, community officials and residents of the county. It details in five minutes the joys of living the dream in the High Country of North Carolina.


NEIGHBORS: Perfect place to find your speed

The High Country is a blessing for runners. You can push yourself for distance, elevation, endurance or a combination of all three. It’s the near perfect place for an elite training camp. In 2001 ZAP Fitness filled that void. Located in Blowing Rock, the non-profit has become a training center for post-collegiate, Olympic hopeful distance runners. That includes financially supporting 8-10 post-collegiate distance runners in their efforts to make World Championship and Olympic teams.

The Competitor Network recently spent some time at ZAP Fitness, and detailed its training methods by reviewing the life of an elite runner.

Zap FitnessAt 8:15 the runners pile into a couple of cars and crackle down a long dirt driveway. Twenty minutes of slow driving along roads that see frequent deer crossings lead them to Moses H. Cone Memorial Park in the town of Blowing Rock, N.C.

Seven runners emerge from the two vehicles. Six are 25 years old. All of them were exceptional collegiate runners, but not among the handful of very best who graduated and secured contracts with running shoe companies. …

Moses Cone Park is a paradise for distance runners. Its 3,500 pristine acres are home to 25 miles of carriage trails. Based at 3,600 feet of elevation, the park does not become the summer furnace that the surrounding lowlands do, although record temperatures approaching 90 degrees are forecasted for the next few days.

The article later details a visit to the facility by Olympian Anthony Famiglietti. He gives the group a speech that not only brags on the trainers, but the location in which they work.

“Can I say something?” Famiglietti interjects. “I’ve trained in a lot of different places and seen a lot of groups. What you have here is special. You have a great coach, awesome resources and an incredible environment. Some of you are on the verge of major breakthroughs. Believe me, they can happen here.”

Here’s one training video, detailing some lessons taught and some beautiful High Country scenery.